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I’m Collin, an iOS Developer and creator of the habit tracker Forte.

How to override system appearance in SwiftUI

An under-utilized feature I always appreciate when I see it is the ability to select an appearance for an app independent of the system appearance. If you search how to set the color scheme of a view in SwiftUI, you’ll probably come across preferredColorScheme which looks great but doesn’t work how we’d like for this feature. Instead, we are going to make use of overrideUserInterfaceStyle We’ll start off by creating our AppearanceOptions enum and make it conform to String and CaseIterable for use in our form later on....

June 22, 2022 · 2 min · Collin Daugherty

My first two years on the App Store • Dev Diary #1

Forte turned two years old on June 1st, so I thought I’d share my journey and some of the mistakes I’ve made in the last two years of being an indie dev on the App Store. Year 1 Stats Year Downloads Sales Proceeds 1 7.09K $2.17K $1.54K Charts Downloads Sales Keyword Ranking for 'Habit Tracker' Development An Idea I got the original idea for Forte some time in 2019 after breaking a ~50 day streak of daily meditation and feeling completely demotivated....

June 20, 2022 · 8 min · Collin Daugherty